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Register for Classes


All of our current classes run from September-June 2018/2019. 

Enjoy discounted pricing when taking 2 or more hours per week. Please contact us for PRICING details. We would be happy to assist you!


(If you are a NEW DANCER with some, little or NO experience give us a call and we will help place you in a class!)


Our NEW 2018/2019 Schedule will be out early May!

3 Easy Steps to Registration:


Browse classes by age, dance style, teacher and time of day then choose the classes you’d like.

 Open, print and fill out the registration form from the PDF link below.

Come by the studio during office hours to drop off your registration form, pay the fees and tour the studio.


Registration PDFs:


Registration Form
PDF Registration Form


Waiver Form
PDF Waiver Form


Dance Attire Guidelines
PDF Attire List


Dance Explosions’ Policies

– PDF Policies



How do I pay for classes?

Any child/family with less than two hours (.75 – 1.75 hours) per week must submit tuition in three lump sum payments due at the time of registration.  First payment due at the time of registration and post-dated cheques for November 1 and February 1.  No refunds are permitted for the first payment.  No refunds after February 1. Please note: 4 cheques are needed at registration. (3 payments + costume deposit = 4 cheques)


Any student/family with TWO hours or more per week can submit monthly postdated cheques/ credit. Payment MUST be post-dated for the 1st of each month.  The first and last month (September and June) along with the registration fee is DUE with the first payment.  No refunds are permitted for the first payment.  No Refunds after February 1st.  Please note 10 cheques are needed at registration.

Why do I pay the same monthly rate regardless if my child has 3, 4 or 5 classes that month?

Tuition is based on Saturday classes which have a minimum of 32 lessons per year. This takes into account holiday weekends, Christmas and Spring breaks.  Classes which fall during the week may end up with one or two extra classes during the year.  These classes are considered “courtesy classes” and are not charged for.  The total tuition amount is divided into ten monthly payments. The tuition fee also includes participation in the Dress Rehearsal, Showcase and Class Pictures.

What if my child no longer wants to participate in dance classes half way through the year?

A student must give one month’s notice before withdrawing from a class.  June payment  is NONREFUNDABLE.  The Dance Explosions office must be informed of cancellation before the end of the month, at which point all remaining post-dated cheques will be returned. If fees were paid in full, a refund cheque will be issued.  Costume deposits and registration fees are non-refundable and will be forfeited.  Students may transfer classes if space is permitting.
There are NO REFUNDS after February 1st.

What is a FULL class?

A FULL class ranges from 12-15 students depending on the teachers prior experience and students age level.  Every large class has a  teaching assistant (usually a senior student) to help with class management.  Many children enjoy having the assitant in class with them and thrive on this personal relationship.

Can I watch my child take class?

As parents, you are of course curious if your child is enjoying their class and if they are progressing.  The blinds to the viewing window will be open the first week of November and the first week of February ONLY. An Open House will also be held before Christmas where parents will be welcomed to come into class to observe.

Can my child take class with a friend?

Yes, if your child’s friend is the same age and skill level.  Although dance often evolves into a social activity where life long friendships emerge, the staff of Dance Explosions feels it is in your child’s best interest to be placed in a class according to their age and skill level.

Can my child start taking class late fall?

Registration open until November 1 only.

What does the (1) or (2) mean behind some of your classes?

The number in brackets indicates that it will be the first or second year students will be studying at that grade level.  Dance is a learned skill, based on practice and perserverance, and often takes a class two years to complete the required skill level.  If they are new to a dance discipline they will often start at the (1) level.

Why is ballet considered your most important class?

Ballet is an excellent base for all dance forms and helps improve and develop posture, balance, strength and musicality.  It is highly advisable that all students pursuing other forms of dance take at least one ballet class a week.  Students expecting to perform in competitions should be taking 2-3 classes per week.