Dance Explosions Inc. - Calgary | Competition
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A wonderful way for dancers to improve and foster their performance quality, Dance Explosions offers competition opportunities for its experienced students. All competition choreography is created with an emphasis on stage presence, teamwork and fun, with all of our competitors striving to accomplish their personal best. Rehearsals will be held outside of regular class time.


What is Dance Explosions philosophy on Competitions?
Dance Explosions feels competitions are really just another chance to perform!!! Competitions also help push students towards a higher level of skill and performance.  The entire staff of Dance Explosions feels each student should be striving to THEIR personal best every time they go on that stage.  We also encourage good sportsmanship and team spirit at every competition.
How are competition groups/solos/duets chosen?
Each child interested in competitions is required to attend a MANDATORY Competition Placement Class.  This class gives the teachers a chance to assess the students in a group setting and allows us to place them according to age and skill level. Group lists will be emailed to you.
Why do all students participating in competition NEED to take ballet?
Ballet is the basis of all dance forms!  If I was given a quarter for every time I heard an adjudicator say “take more ballet classes”, I would be a millionaire!  Dance Explosions feels all students should have this strong technical base (or at least be working towards it) before entering competitions.  And YES, this does apply to hip hop since ballet class helps improve performance and musicality as well!
What type of student should perform a solo at competition?
Soloists are normally the strongest technical dancers with commanding stage presence. While many dancers thrive in a group number, great group dancers are not necessarily soloists.  A soloist must be able to fill the stage with their energy and style, all on their own! Soloists must also be prepared to take on the added commitment of extra INDEPENDENT rehearsals, home study, music and costume selection.
How many competitions does Dance Explosions participate in?
Dance Explosions will participate in THREE-FOUR dance competitions yearly.  Each year, they try to make ONE of these competitions an out of town experience.
What if my dancer can not make a rehearsal or competition?
Competition is seen as an ENORMOUS commitment.  We expect all of our dancers to have 100% attendance to all rehearsals and competitions.  If there is an unexpected or UNAVOIDABLE reason for your child to miss a rehearsal or competition, please let the office receptionist know immediately!
Who makes the costumes? Who are they paid to?
MOST costumes are ordered by Dance Explosions through studio approved catalogues. All group, trio and duet costumes are paid directly to Dance Explosions.   Solo costumes should be discussed with your teachers as soon as possible. If ordering from the catalogues supplied by the studio, costume fees will be paid directly to Dance Explosions. If a solo costume is being sewn, arrangements for sewing must be made by the solo dancer (his/her parents). The seamstress will be paid directly.   We can recommend seamstresses.
Does Dance Explosions put a surcharge on the competition fees?
In order to pay for staff to attend the competitions as well as the hours of paperwork each competition requires, Dance Explosions puts a $8.00 surcharge on each competition entry.
What are the fees associated with participating in competition?
Fees include:

1.choreography fee (if the child is learning the dance out of their regular class)
2.costume fee
3.entry fees
4.traveling expenses


Is it all worth it?
All of our dancers would say YES!  They all have a wonderful time at every competition and many parents have REALLY enjoyed watching their child and others perform!  Plus, it creates a great sense of camaraderie amoung our dancers!  The experience is unlike any other, but it helps to be prepared!